Health & Safety

We protect and safeguard our most valuable asset: our people.

Health & Safety

The Group constantly implements policies designed to reduce employee-related risks, to improve performance and to make the working environment safer and healthier. Why? Because to do so enables Evoca Group to fulfill its mission: focusing on customers (through quality products), on people (with a safe and healthy working environment) and on the environment (with production processes respectful of nature).

A real commitment to spread the culture of safety.

Our standards dictate the requirements of a health and safety management system at work. Starting from the organizational structure, it defines planning activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources. Evoca Group aims to spread a culture of safety that, with the involvement of all staff in accident prevention, will protect our human resources and exert a positive influence on the business. Evoca Group believes that having the most beneficial of health and safety conditions inside the business improves the psychological well-being of the workers, thereby raising professional standards.


Download certificate ISO 45001:2018

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