Group history

A story of innovation and intuition.
A dynamic and rapidly expanding Group anchored on more than 90 years of coffee heritage.

Wittenborg established in Odense, Denmark

Gaggia established in Milan, Italy

Ducale founded in Parma, Italy

Zanussi Vending established in Valbrembo, Italy

SGL Italia established in Torino, Italy

Saeco founded in Gaggio Montano, Italy

ADE Elettronica established in Villotta di Chions, Italy

Cafection established in Quebec City, Canada

N&W Global Vending is established

The company is born from the merge of Wittenborg and Necta Vending Solutions (former Zanussi Vending).

Acquisition of SGL Italia

N&W Innovative Solutions is established

The company is born from the take over of ADE Elettronica.

Acquisition of Saeco Vending, Ducale and joint venture with Cafection

Saeco Vending is renamed SaGa Coffee and Evoca acquired the licenses to use Saeco and Gaggia brands in the professional market.

N&W rebrands as EVOCA

Evoca acquires Quality Espresso S.A.