Technology & Innovation

Advanced technology, outstanding quality, top level efficiency.


invested in R&D
since 2019.


patents registered.


R&D sites located in Italy,
Spain and Canada.

Research and Development

A consolidated project management approach.

Product development

supported by advanced virtual validation methods in both Design and Lab test stages.

Structured working flows

and procedures for both Product and Innovation development processes.

Evoca technologies


We provide the best technologies on the market to produce an excellent coffee from fresh beans. No matter if you prefer a truly Italian espresso or a strong fresh brew coffee. Our patented brewers are at your service to fulfill your needs and meet your taste.


Our Group designs and produces extremely compact tea infuser for automatic and semi automatic machibes. We offer excellent teas brewed from tea leaves by percolation.


With the patented Vacuum System, developed by Ducale, the quality of the coffee beans remains unaltered in a low pressure environment with a percentage of oxygen close to zero and a very low value of humidity. The beans, once grinded, can release all their aroma and provide the customer with a memorable taste experience.


Coffee beans and fresh milk are the perfect pair. Our technologies allow you to have fresh milk based hot drinks. The milk foam is perfect, the temperature of milk is adjustable and the quantity of air is electronically managed. You have just to press a button and wait for your cappuccino or latte macchiato.

Smart payments

We develop smart payment solutions for any vending machine: discover the new Breasy app that allows consumers to select a drink and pay for it in a modern and mobile way


Cashless Systems and Instruments for machines management. Sophia is the next generation of the Management Tool PRO. New features and management possibilities for you to reduce service calls and to offer excellence, cup after cup.
Our vision for innovation

Our vision for innovation

Professional coffee machines & Digital solution.

Informative & entertaining machines

  • Information on ingredients, nutritional facts, allergens, etc.
  • Large displays with animation for promotions & advertisement
  • Personal identification systems for diet control or for drinks customization

Attention to the perceived quality

  • Excellent presentation of drinks
  • High quality of beverages dispensed

Extensive & flexible offer of products

  • Flexible brewers able to produce different kinds of drinks
  • Customization of the drinks: different cup sizes, more different ingredients, syrups, etc.
  • Product offers combined between machines through master/slave functionalities.

Fast cleaning and filling

  • Easy accessibility to the internal of the machine
  • Colour coded and easy removable components
  • Solutions to prevent dirtiness
  • Cleaner, easier and less time-consuming filling process

Eye catching design

  • Innovative & elegant design
  • Large backlit branding areas
  • Large and coloured screens
  • Infra red movement sensor
  • Audio system
  • Enhanced visibility of products

User friendly interface

  • Interactive Touch-Screens
  • Simple and intuitive interfaces
  • Fast and ergonomic delivery
  • Trust on product delivery thanks to reliable dispensing functionalities & control & information on delivery process

Simple maintenance

  • Components easy to repair and to be replaced on location
  • Preventive maintenance scheme to avoid unexpected breakings
  • Parts standardization allowing common training for the technicians
  • Modularity to allow quick reconfiguration, upgrade and maintenance in the field

Supported by advanced electronics

Many parameters for cleaning, filling and maintenance are managed by the electronics and are visible on the machine display or from remote:

  • Easy set up management on machine screen or through Giga software
  • Filling & cleaning procedures
  • Ingredients & wastes levels
  • Automatic cleaning cycles
  • Maintenance & Preventive maintenance warnings
  • Troubleshooting