Evoca is committed to ensuring maximum transparency and a correct relationship with its stakeholders. For this reason, over the years, it has been adopting a series of practices and policies to maintain its commitment. Evoca has therefore chosen to adopt:

Ethical code

Evoca adopted its own ethical code in 2007. The document identifies the company's values and specifies a set of rights, duties, and responsibilities of the interested parties. The goal is to promote high professional standards and combat all behaviors that are not in line with the applicable rules and corporate values.

Organisation, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 (“Model 231”)

It is a set of protocols that regulate and define the company structure, and the management of its sensitive processes, to reduce the risk of employees committing criminal offenses and the consequent administrative liability of the company. As part of Model 231, an independent Supervisory Body (also "SB 231") was set up with the task of supervising compliance with the Model and, naturally, the Code of Ethics, its correct functioning and updating. Evoca introduced this organization, management and control model in 2007


For the development and the diffusion of Evoca's fundamental values, a series of policies have also been adopted in different areas: