People and Talents

People and Talents

The social activities of Evoca are supported by a strong pillar: to protect and offer opportunities for personal and professional growth to employees and collaborators, promoting a culture of diversity and equality

To do this, the Group has implemented projects aimed at maintaining a proper work-life balance, with particular attention to gender equality, training activities and constant listening.


‘People Care’ is a project of "Organisational Well-being Promotion" that was initiated in 2018 at Evoca SpA following an internal consultation process that investigated the needs and requirements regarding the professional and personal experiences of employees.
The active listening led to the definition of the People Care manifesto, which encompasses all the proposals, measures, and initiatives that the company offers its employees. Each year, employees are invited to seize the multiple opportunities available, both new and existing, to be closer to their needs, both professional and personal. Among these, there are initiatives related to welfare, work-life balance, communication, health promotion, recreational activities, training, and, in general, everything aimed at promoting people's well-being.

Professional development and personal growth.

Continuous training is the key, at EVOCA, for personal and professional growth. Therefore, each year, in addition to specific and mandatory technical training for safety, we propose initiatives dedicated to personal and professional development such as "Emotional Safety" training, postural education, Cyber Security, and in-depth sessions on coffee culture

Health and safety

EVOCA strives to ensure the highest standards of health and safety by continually implementing and improving processes, procedures, and facilities to reduce accidents and injuries, aiming for their elimination. The company is actively and consistently committed to this goal. All production sites located in the Bergamo area are ISO 45001 certified. In addition to the internal team dedicated to Environment, Health, and Safety issues, all employees are involved in health and safety management, starting from risk assessment. Special focus is given to improving working conditions for production operators. Several targeted interventions are carried out to address ergonomics, optimise production spaces, and improve work methods and timings.
Accidents, incidents, and near misses are subject to problem-solving activities conducted by cross-functional working groups. These activities aim to identify and eliminate root causes, preventing their recurrence.

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