Responsible product management

Responsible product management

The commitment that supports the Evoca pillar regarding its products is: designing and creating products that are safe for people and the environment, with a focus on continuous improvement


Product responsibility

Products are at the heart of EVOCA. Their safety, quality, and reliability are central to the quality policy and a key element for customer satisfaction.
Since 1994, EVOCA has operated according to the standards established by ISO 9001 certification, and all European production and development sites are certified.
Furthermore, 100% of EVOCA Group products are certified by a third-party organization.
Product certification is an attestation that a machine, before being introduced to the market, has undergone necessary verification by an accredited and independent body, separate from the seller and manufacturer, to ensure compliance with the requirements set by European and international directives.It is a voluntary choice of Evoca to provide the necessary guarantee of product quality and safety.

Design for Environment project

The process undertaken to define material issues has highlighted how, in addition to product safety, quality, and reliability, energy consumption and innovation are elements driving EVOCA's daily actions towards better environmental sustainability. Therefore, in 2022, EVOCA initiated the "Design for Environment" project: a structured product-oriented approach to address strategic priorities and emerging market demands.

The first step in this direction, recognising that improvement can only be achieved through measurement, was the adoption of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tool to evaluate the environmental impact of our products.