Safety First

Evoca was the first manufacturing group in the Bergamo area to suspend production activities to protect its employees. The Group is ready to reopen its plants on March 23, following 14 days of preventive closure. A fundraiser for the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo is also underway.

Valbrembo (Bergamo, Italy) 18 March 2020 - In the difficult context of the Covid-19 emergency, the Evoca Group, in compliance with its values, has taken important measures, in agreement with union representatives, to protect the health of its employees.

Furthermore, the Group is launching a fundraiser for the Pope Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo, to support its work in the on-going health emergency.

On March 9, Evoca Group became the first major manufacturing company to act promptly to suspend, temporarily, its production and office activities in the provinces of Bergamo and Parma, areas particularly affected by the epidemic. The Group’s other Italian plants and offices, including commercial agencies in the area, and foreign branches remained operational. The Bergamo and Parma plants and offices plan to return to operation on March 23, when the 14 days of precautionary isolation from the virus will have been respected.

At the same time, business continuity has been guaranteed during these two weeks through various initiatives, from the enhancement of smart working to service continuity, thanks to Group’s logistics hub in Grassobbio, which has remained open in order to guarantee the continuing shipment of goods.

Not least in importance - and always with the agreement of union representatives, in terms of the initiatives undertaken to protect the health of our employees - the company has initiated an action of solidarity among employees and staff; namely the collection of funds for donation to the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo. The Company, through a formal donation, will at least double the total amount collected from individuals, as of March 20 "We have prioritised the health and safety of our employees without hesitation, deciding as early as March 9 to suspend our production activities", said Andrea Zocchi, CEO of Evoca Group.

"This decision fully and genuinely represents the philosophy of our Group, which is further demonstrated by the recent decision to inaugurate fundraising measures aimed at assisting the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo, which is in the front line of our fight against this unprecedented health emergency. We also guarantee that we will take protective action in respect of all staff employed by our foreign branches, who are experiencing a situation very similar to ours."

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