EVOCA SpA rewarded with the certification of Global Center for Healthy Workplaces

EVOCA SpA rewarded with the certification of Global Center for Healthy Workplaces

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Innovations in the coffee world by EVOCA: a constant and lasting commitment to promote health and well-being of its employees!

A company’s innovation also depends on the well-being of its employees. For this reason, EVOCA SpA, which has always been committed to researching advanced products for the market, new technologies and production management solutions, could not shirk its responsibility towards its community of workers.

This commitment has been rewarded with the achievement of a certification by the Global Center for Healthy Workplaces (Ghwp), the international corporate that supports the promotion of health and well-being in the workplace, obtained at the VI Global Healthy Workplace Awards and Summit in Bergamo. The event was attended by the most important international organizations and institutions in the world of Health and beyond: the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the OECDEU-OSHA (European Agency for Health and Safety at Work), the ENWHP European Network and several international universities; all reunited to reward the best practices in favor of the promotion of health and well-being at work.

EVOCA SpA, one of the three companies in the Bergamo WHP Network that have obtained GHWC certification, has been appreciated for its commitment to promoting good practices for healthy eating and encouraging physical activity, its focus on wellness and work-life balance, and its plans to combat tobacco smoking.

Letizia DornettiManagement Support & Industrial Relations at EVOCA Group, commented at the end of the award ceremony: “Although there are currently no numerical indicators that quantify all the results of programs and plans to promote health and wellness at work, the feedback we have in the company is the improvement of the indoor mood, an increased level of satisfaction and the growth of the sense of belonging”.

The concept of Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) requires that workplaces, primarily conceived as ‘communities’ where members can build stable relationships and where much of their time is spent today, are among the places designated to encourage the improvement of their lifestyle, and not only to implement measures to prevent occupational accidents and diseases.

In fact, professional environments are among the places in which the individual is most likely to be stimulated to behave safely for himself and others and to behave responsibly.

From this point of view, therefore, workplaces are the right place to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Paola TavelliInternal Communication Specialist, directly involved in the project, explains: “EVOCA SpA has distinguished itself for its commitment to encouraging proper nutrition for the promotion of physical activity, and for other initiatives, in particular for the implementation of measures to raise awareness of the damage caused by tobacco smoke. In addition, the evidence of the commissions active in the company, the involvement of workers through the members of the WHP company team, the awards already obtained, have contributed to achieving the certification. Food, physical activity and the fight against tobacco smoke are among the major problems of modern society, where it is useful to take massive actions on, also in view of the goal set for 2030 for the achievement of the Global Goals established by the United Nations”.

In order to change habits and adopt healthy lifestyles, in addition to the work of doctors and national health services, it is important that other institutions, such as schools, the public administration and, indeed, the workplace, also participate.

Rete Whp of Bergamo

Launched in 2011 by Confindustria Bergamo and ATS, the Whp network of Bergamo is one of the most active in Italy and is now the reference for 125 companies of all sizes, for a total of about 30 thousand workers. During the VI Global Healthy Workplace Awards Summit, the video made by Confindustria Bergamo, on the meaning of the Whp programme in the workplace and its connection with company performance, was also presented.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuS6uWayAq4

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