Gaggia Milano

Design, premium positioning, and technological innovation: the new collection perfectly embodies the strengths that distinguish the brand.

Over the last two years Evoca Group has worked hard on the complete range of the new Gaggia Milano machines, bringing a contemporary take on the design and style of the legendary 1950s, a period that established the brand as a coffee icon.

The result is a new collection that is just simply exciting.

The top model La Reale has been enhanced with the DFC (Dynamic Flow Control) model: a cutting-edge technology aimed at baristas and roasters who want to optimise the awareness of the blends available on the market. Thanks to its Dynamic Flow Control, La Reale makes it possible to produce different taste profiles from the same blend and, therefore, to enhance all the sensory characteristics of the coffee. 

La Giusta is the model that perfectly combines modern style with vintage taste. The attention to the design enhances the reliability and robustness of the machine; the technology is contained in the front panel, perfectly integrated on the glass dashboard and in its colour touchscreen, designed for the programming and control of all the machine parameters.

La Decisa and La Precisa mark the completion of the traditional range with sophistication, ergonomics, practicality and reliability. La Decisa is an extremely practical traditional coffee machine which guarantees excellent performance and meets the barista's requirements. La Precisa makes it possible to control the steam boiler and the energy-saving mode in a more direct and intuitive way.

La Radiosa, the first professional super-automatic machine with the Gaggia Milano brand, stands out for its advanced electronics, integrated connection and EvoMilk technology. This brand new fresh milk dispensing system makes it possible to dispense perfectly blended hot and cold milk-based drinks as well as to pre-set the doses, temperature, and density of the fresh milk in order to ensure excellent and high-quality delivered drinks every time.

Eighty years after the revolutionary idea of its founder Achille, who invented the classic "crema" with which we enjoy coffee today, the Gaggia Milano brand now celebrates the renaissance of Italian-style espresso.


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