N&W announces EVOCA Group Confirming its Global Leadership in Professional Coffee Machines

N&W announces EVOCA Group Confirming its Global Leadership in Professional Coffee Machines

N&W announces EVOCA Group Confirming its Global Leadership in Professional Coffee Machines

The move coincides with the unveiling of the company’s coffee-focused global business strategy designed to strengthen its position as a leading player in both the Ho.Re.Ca (Hotel/Restaurant/Cafeteria) and OCS (Office Coffee Service) sectors.

Andrea Zocchi, Chief Executive Officer, states: “EVOCA is the result of the integration of numerous global coffee machine manufacturers, a process which began in 2000 with the formation of N&W and which today finds its natural evolution in a new company that is positioned as a global leader in professional coffee machines”.

“Coffee has always been at the core of our DNA and business strategy”- continues Zocchi – “It is an attractive market, with historically strong fundamentals, but also evolving, with new challenges and opportunities for growth. Our rebranding strategy is rooted in our past and reaches its full development today with EVOCA. We’ve looked ahead, beyond the established boundaries and progressed on a path that benefits our customers and all consumers”.

EVOCA Group has 1,800 employees and over 10,000 customers in more than 100 countries. The Company headquartered in Valbrembo (Bergamo), in Italy, is present globally with eight production sites, six R&D centers, over 500 patents and revenues in excess of €400 million. EVOCA produces one of the broadest

range of professional coffee machines in the industry. EVOCA will continue complementing its coffee machine offering with its range of snack and food and can and bottle machines.

The new brand EVOCA reinforces its strategic positioning in the coffee market and enhances its corporate identity in the eyes of its customers and all stakeholders.

Zocchi concludes: "We look to the future with determination and enthusiasm. We are ready to maximize the opportunities offered by this exciting competitive landscape in front of us”.


The new “EVOCA” trademark symbolizes tradition and the continuous search for excellence, technology and innovation that are the heart of the Group's history.

It merges an international approach and a commitment to innovation in ‘EVO’, that stands for Evolution, with the company’s Italian roots of the ‘espresso’ heritage with ‘CA’, that stands for Caffè. In Italian, EVOCA (like ‘evoke’ in English) means ‘call to mind for suggestion of feelings, imagination, creativity, happy memories’. It communicates the relaxing and inspiring sensation of a perfect coffee break. A name with an Italian sound, strong, impactful yet smooth and tasteful, like a good coffee should be.

The logo visually represents the Group’s strategic choices: the red color, a sign of the brand’s heritage, and the coffee bean, simple, full of strength and growth. 

The Group has been growing its professional coffee business both organically and by acquisitions.

Organically, EVOCA has continuously updated its range of innovative professional coffee machines and has aligned its reporting and organizational structure to its key coffee end-markets. Furthermore, in the last year it has completed the acquisition of three companies that are highly synergistic to its mission: (i) SaGa Coffee, using the licenses of the famous trademarks Saeco and Gaggia for the professional coffee machines market; (ii) Cafection, the leading manufacturer of bean-to-cup coffee machines for the OCS market in North America and (iii) Ducale, a high-end technology company for large volume locations.

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