Orchestra! It’s In Tune With Our Times

Orchestra! It’s In Tune With Our Times


Innovations in the coffee world by EVOCA Group: Necta proudly presents Orchestra, the ‘impulse’ model that’s a breaktime game-changer…


The first thing that strikes a chord when you encounter Orchestra is its incredible brightness: you find yourself in front of a real showcase of products, thanks to the new tray, VisioShop. Because both its base and its sides are made of transparent plastic to allow in light, the visibility of the products inside the machine is better than ever before, successfully transforming a vending machine into a self-service shop.


The robust construction of VisioShop guarantees durability and prevents any deformation, even when heavy items are loaded: in fact, the trays can support up to 53 Kg. Moreover, when it’s combined with the Vertical Flex System quick release / coupling system, VisioShop can easily be repositioned inside the cell. You can switch from 8 to 10 individual selections in just a few simple steps, enabling the accommodation of up to 38 more snack items per tray – and that’s exactly what operators need to enable them to extend their offer and attract new customers.

Orchestra is also available in a ‘Touch’ version, which utilises a large screen for ease of product selection, for consulting nutritional information; for making combined purchases in ‘shopping cart’ mode and even for presenting high-definition TV commercials.

Orchestra’s environmental credentials also make interesting news: fully in line with the latest European legislation on energy consumption, Orchestra delivers the highest levels of efficiency, thanks to a series of green components that guarantee energy consumption is kept to a minimum.

Today’s consumer demands an improved user experience, a wider choice of products and a better view of what’s on offer – delivered by a machine that has an environmental conscience. Orchestra is in tune with our times and has all the credentials necessary to become the standard-bearer for vending, even in the most demanding of locations.

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