Record-breaking Coffee with FamilyMart and Saeco: results with no comparison

Record-breaking Coffee with FamilyMart and Saeco: results with no comparison

FamilyMart and Saeco

128,137 cups of coffee and milk-based drinks sold in only one day:
the incredible story that has enthralled Indonesia

Preparing more of 100.000 cups of coffee and milk-based drinks in only one day is not only possible, it’s been done on July 2nd in Indonesia, when the FamilyMart’s outlets beat all records.

Hard work devoted to training and a passionate team that believed in the project made in happen.  But the extent of the achievement even surprised the people that made it happen. That’s because their target was “only” 75.000 cups. They were amazed that by 18.30, an amazing 91.000 drinks had already been made, overcoming every expectation.

The challenge took place in 100 outlets of FamilyMart, a well-known convenience store chain. The drinks were made with Saeco Idea Capuccino machines. To achieve this goal, the FamilyMart’s team, with Saeco support, trained for about one month, honing even the smallest detail to perfection. All the machines were controlled and optimized with specific interventions such as the replacement of parts (which could have broken during the preparation); the diagnosis of the compounds, the control of the drinks setup and the calibration of the pre-set grinder. On top of that, FamilyMart technicians passed through an intense training schedule to give them the skills they needed for clean-up and troubleshooting operations.

On the day, everything came together perfectly: Six technicians were standing by in strategic areas, and starting from 6 am, they began t visit each outlet in turn, to control the status of both the machines and their components, (which eventually needed to be replaced), and to control the preparation units. There was also a hit line set up to a help line.

At 23:59, at MURI (Indonesian Record Museum), FamilyMart team prepared its 128,127th coffee, welcomed by a mix of happiness and exhaustion from a team that had broken every record.

Well done, Indonesia Team!

Listen here to what the key players said at the end of the event:


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