Saeco professional coffee machines and SGL products are now available on Amazon.

Saeco professional coffee machines and SGL products are now available on Amazon.

Amazon Business

Since early in 2021, some SGL branded coffee machines have been available for purchase on Amazon Business, the Amazon marketplace designed for companies and professionals.

EVOCA Group has decided to seize this great business opportunity to open an additional sales channel for Saeco and SGL coffee machines, which allows the Group to access new market segments and look for new customers operating beyond the company’s traditional prospects.

Customers need to be a legal entity, and to have a business account, in order to access Amazon’s professional sales area to choose their preferred EVOCA machines

Even in this automated channel, customer interaction with the sales force remains ubiquitous: through Amazon, potential customers can contact EVOCA through dedicated e-mail addresses. Customers can check the prices by quantity or request a specific quotation.

The company uses the Amazon Prime service to deliver goods, using the responsiveness and speed of execution of this service to add value for increasingly demanding customers.

Three families of EVOCA machines – those that combine simple delivery with easy installation - are currently available on Amazon: Saeco Royal and Aulika Evo from Saeco and Smarty by SGL.

Currently EVOCA products are available on, but the project is expected to expand to other European Countries such as France and Spain and to other e-commence platforms such as Alibaba; this first approach to new online sales channels opens up new and interesting business opportunities, which the company definitely intends to explore.

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