Welcome back!

Welcome back!

evoca summer 2016

The end of summer is a time to take heed of the work that has been done in the first half of the year: for N&W, 2016 has been a very significant year, making the company change gear. “The most important event in the first six months was the selling of our group to the Lone Star fund”, Andrea Zocchi remembers.The new ownership confirmed strategic actions and decisions, which were made to increase the company’s push towards quality and innovation, which we want to continue to be a part of our “trademark”.

Among the short-term objectives there is no acknowledgement of the diversification of our ranges in other productions and other similar sectors.

So what awaits you in the near future? “Starting from September we’ll have a fun-packed end of the year full of new products, but that’s not all. A new marketing campaign for the Necta brand will attract all those people who interact with our group, such as distributors, companies and businesses that already use our vending equipment”.

N&W never stops! Literally, in the case of the Karisma Warm Up Tour –  Ho.Re.Ca’s roadshow on a custom-made camper van – our super-automatic machine was brought straight to the quality restaurants and hotels around Italy and Europe.

A line to keep in mind and re-read over the next few months? “Overall, we must adopt a growth ethic that creates trust and optimism. Today, it’s crucial to make choices in advance, and that’s what we’re doing”.

Keep Moving! Back to work everyone!

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